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Things That Will Never Fail To Make Me Cry

We’ve all been there before, bawling our eyes out over something that rendered the other heartless bitches’ eyes tear-less (KIDDING LADIES). In my case, I’m referring to the first time I saw Stepmom in theaters with my girlfriends. This cry of 1998 will always be significant because unlike other cries, it was the first time I can actually recall sobbing/heaving like I lost my fiancé in the war. (And yes, the faces belonging to the heartless bitches were barely glistening.)

But whether you’re a complete softie or a tin man, I think we can all agree that it feels really good to have a solid cry (or shed a few tears) every now and again. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t!

These are a few of the things that get my waterworks going:


As I mentioned, the first time I saw this was in middle school at the movie theater. I can’t explain why my reaction was as strong as it was, but I can just assume that I was struck by the movie’s emotional-rollercoaster-of-a-plot. *SPOILER ALERT* The family goes through a completely heart-wrenching divorce, their dad meets someone new, their mom gets terminal cancer, passes away, and never gets to see her preteen daughter get married or her little boy grow up. Mind you, this all happens around Christmas, where themes like “family appreciation” and “joy to the world” are especially prevalent, so the grave circumstances facing this family completely contrast. 

Side note:  My mother was also a chemotherapy nurse at the time so her stories also percolated with the plot and tears surfaced. 

When People Do Really Kind/Selfless Things for Other People

I recently watched The Human Experience and was a ball of emotions (not at Stepmom level though). In case you’re unfamiliar with the plot, I’m also going to SPOIL THIS DOCUMENTARY FOR YOU. It was created by a guy who was abused by his father when he was young, moved to a community with people from similar backgrounds and decided to go on a personal quest to determine the true meaning of being human. While the whole she-bang is wonderful, I got particularly choked up while they volunteered at a shelter for abused children and again when they met a woman dying of AIDS to whom they asked “What words would you like to leave behind for your children?” 

When Something’s Really Inspirational and/or You’re Hormonal

I will admit, one of the main reasons I love yoga so much is for this sentiment:

“The teacher in me honors the teacher in you. I recognize that within each of us is a place where Divinity dwells, and when we are in that place, we are one.”

It might not sound like much more than someone’s lower back tattoo, but I swear that in context, this can be deeply moving. 

On a similar tangent…

The Recent Google Chrome Commercials

I don’t know whether this is a CSR ordeal or not (too lazy to research I am), but giving the “It Gets Better Project" additional exposure in a moving way is a wonderful thing to do. It gets me everytime.

This one is really cute too.

Coldplay Songs

"Sad songs are nature’s onions." 

Coldplay is mainly reserved for those times when I’m feeling particularly blue in the same way that Damien Rice is reserved for when I’m irate. I think the last time I cried through the Coldplay soundtrack is when my high school boyfriend moved back across the ocean…and “Yellow” will always remind me of when my 7th grade best friend moved to Baltimore.

Falling Off a Bicycle

This is something I learned last year—that whether you’re 3 or 23, falling off a bike still hurts enough to induce tears. My injury last year was the result of a Gap bag getting stuck in my tire (damn you and your awesome sale!) and a quick descend to the abrasive pavement. First I cried over the pain, then I cried over the perfectly symmetrical butterfly-shaped scar it left on my knee which made it look intentional. 

Honorable Mentions:

- Every episode of “Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition.”


TED Talks —almost everything on this site inspires me. It feels reassuring to know that people all over the world are working to make things better. 

- PS22 

I was concerned that I cry over really weird things until I saw that someone cried over the misapplication of sunless tanner. Though to be fair, that process is always a bitch.



i guess the mention of chipotle and my eloquent usage of the word “fuck” in an email tipped google adwords off that i might need a hand in the love department. bold move, google. but touché. 

i guess the mention of chipotle and my eloquent usage of the word “fuck” in an email tipped google adwords off that i might need a hand in the love department. bold move, google. but touché.