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Movie Titles + My Life

Aspirational Movie Titles (hopefully representative of my future)

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Under the Tuscan Sun

True Romance

The Breakfast Club

American Beauty and/or Drop Dead Gorgeous 

It’s a Beautiful Life

Movie Titles I’m Concerned About Liking


Mean Girls

Almost Famous

Virgin Suicides



Around the Brunch Table: What movie currently defines your life?

Megan M.: Honey.

Heather:  Schindler’s List…no, Cinderella. But only the first half.

Allie:  Garden State and Pocahontas…because I can relate to her, being Norwegian.

Megan W.: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and not just because I love Kate Winslet. 

Alex:  The Royal Tenenbaums…less about owning Margot’s jacket + being extremely gifted and more about dysfunction and consistently associating with weirdos. 

Christa:  Precious…can I also be Julia Stiles in Save the Last Dance?