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We Learn Through History

One of life’s simplest pleasures is sifting through the words we once found important enough to write down: friendly notes, love letters, blog posts (hey, future me!), and the jackpot… old journals. If read correctly, ignoring the weekly personality changes and epiphanies, a lot of life lessons can be found amidst the babble.

I uncovered my ratty old journal yesterday. 

Life Lessons Learned: Entries Written Summer After High School Graduation

  1. Go ahead, live life like an Indiana Jones/Penny Lane love child. 
    Excerpt: "We’ve been having the most amazing adventures lately." 
  2. But keep your head on straight. 
    Excerpt: "He asked me to run away with him to the mushroom farm in Oregon. I had to turn down that invitation."

Life Lessons Learned: Entries Written Summer After Freshman Year of College

  1. Hermiting is healthy. Vicodin makes me bitchy. 
    Excerpt: "Luckily, I can use my post-wisdom-teeth puffy cheeks to justify my sudden introversion. No, I don’t want to hang.
  2. Be a good listener.  
    Excerpt: "I know way too much about everybody. I used to think people just always told me things about themselves, but now I think being nosy also has something to do with it."  

Life Lessons Learned: Entries Written Sophomore Year

  1. Life is weird. 
    Excerpt (actually, the only three words written the whole year): "Things are weird."  

Life Lessons Learned: Entries Written During a Semester Away from Home

  1. Life changes. 
    Excerpt: "I’m really glad I’m here."