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Things We Considered Calling This Blog

After her strappy wedges failed to cooperate in front of the cute waiter (see: tripping and landing on all fours) Alex’s dominant feeling while ambling back to the table was gratitude. Why? Because with Megan, she knew she could recount this story with more humor than embarrassment and more chutzpah than chagrin. So it was then, while sipping drinks on that sunny patio (como siempre), that Lady Heide and Lady Weisenberger decided there could be a regular outlet for these sorts of things, a blog of sorts (they also decided on a more appropriate title than the options considered below) and because they’re anything but lacking in the “smart, funny lady friends who love to write” department, the creation of this blog was solidified and deemed “a lovechild of topics you’d overhear us talking about at brunch." Welcome.

Alternate Blog Titles:

Wenches Who Brunch

Bitches Be Shoppin’

Strumpets and Tea

When Life Gives You Liz Lemons…(you paint that shit gold?)

Whining and Dining