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about the ladies

AllieAllie speaks fluent lolcat, can eat a jar of olives in one sitting, and fancies anything Scandinavian or made of pumpkins.
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Allison lied in her first blog entry on here, has rampant halitosis and 30+ cats.
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Alex has been actively fighting to abolish the “dumb blonde” stereotype since 1988, is a closet Katy Perry fan and has never met a burrito she hasn’t liked.
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Bethany Bethany currently has two obsessions: obscenely sparkly nail polish and sea monster B-flicks (ala Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus).
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ChristaChrista daydreams about different racial combinations for her unborn children and enjoys cooking with a heavy buzz. Overall, still thinks she’s a good person.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicHeather is weirded out by meat raffles and won an award for her karaoke performance of ‘Gangster’s Paradise’.
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Megan is equally interested in saving the world and learning how to walk in high heels.
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Stephanie plans to contribute the most NSFW posts and has a cake pan collection larger than your great aunt’s. See posts from Stephanie